hello cutie pies

so i just wanted to ask y’all if you could do something really great for me and please please vote for this artwork because i feel like my friend truly deserves to win and she did an amazing job on the graphic!!

i don’t rly like asking you guys to do things for me but if y’all took one or two minutes out of your day to vote (you can vote 5 times a day!) that would be very helpful

thank you for doing this you are all lovely lovely ppl and ily very much

hello hello followers!

so i know i haven’t updated in 4 months. i haven’t actually edited anything since then. in fact, i literally just posted my first ever gifset in 4 months over at my personal (which you should totally follow if you like marvel and doctor who and a shitload of other fandoms) and wow it feels weird to have opened up photoshop again.

this blog hasn’t been updated for so many reasons:

  1. extreme lack of inspiration
  2. big time rush has sort of died for the time being (and i know they probably will be coming back soon, but lets be real they haven’t done shit together in so long)
  3. i’ve been focusing on my other fandoms (avengers/marvel, doctor who, teen wolf, 5sos etc.) and so i haven’t got anything new for this blog
  4. again, i just haven’t been editing much at all

hopefully big time rush will be doing something soon, and i’ll be able to update with some cool new pictures and stuff. even heffron drive, if you guys want! 

again, i’m sorry being gone for so long. THANK YOU for 2.8k, you guys are the absolute best and i love you guys endlessly! again if you want to keep in touch with me and/or my posts, my personal is right here. peace out dudes :-)

"Can you please tell me what psd did you use on this edit /post/67269585775?" —Anonymous

i’m pretty sure it’s a psd i made myself, i’ll post it tomorrow :)